The Healing Effects of Nature-Based Art


As an artist, I have always been passionate about bringing the healing and inspiration of nature into our daily spaces. What we see drastically impacts our minds and our moods, as well as the decisions those two things influence us to make.


Aspen Breeze

I have posted numerous times about the healing effects of nature-based art, such as numerous studies concluding that exposure to images of nature results in positive psychological, emotional, and physiological changes such as:

  • Increased positive feelings and calmness
  • Reduced negativity, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, and sadness
  • Reduced blood pressure, heart rate, heart activity, and muscle tension
  • Decreased headaches, digestive disorders, chronic pain, and medication use
  • Improved cognition, creativity, and critical thinking skills
  • Reduced stressful thoughts, irritability, and restlessness
  • Increased kindness and enhanced social interactions


Memento Mori

I am passionate about this subject, and I continually research the topic. Here are some new insights I have recently found:

Tree of Life

Seeing nature reminds us of the inherent harmony of life and our capacity for balance and inner peace. It reminds us that everything is about growth, and we are always growing. These truths have been further affirmed for me in my work as I have repeatedly gone through the process of finding inspiration in nature, then translating that inspiration into works of art.

T67, 24x60 (3 24x20 panels).


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