June Newsletter

Portlandia Art Sale

The talented artists of Portlandia are introduced via the first ever sale of the artworks from the set, and I am very honored to be among them! Now is your chance to own a piece of artwork from the Emmy award winning tv show! Shop the sale here or contact me to purchase directly.


Artwork by Natasha Bacca Featured in F-Stop Magazine

I am honored to be featured in F-Stop Magazine again! The theme is COLOR, a passion of mine very evident in my artwork.

See more here.


Dichotomies ~ Skyscapes

Life is full of dichotomies and this is both its beauty and its wonder. When we realize that everything can be both good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong, we can shift from polarity to unity. Living in a state of unity, we live in a state of non-judgment, in a state of unconditional love.

See new artworks from my new series on dichotomies here.



To acquire artwork by Natasha Bacca
contact me at 541-788-7212 or Natasha@NatashaBacca.com.




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