Wine Series

"Story Winery" - W22, 14x11. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Amy Petersen.
In April 2014, Wine Enthusiast Magazine featured my wine series calling it “wall-worthy for any oenophile.” Very honored and excited, I looked for a copy of the magazine everywhere, but it was sold out. Later in August 2014, my husband found a copy of the magazine while we were wine […]

Wine Enthusiast Magazine Feature

"Cheers" - W39, 10x8. Collection of Fair View Lodge, Mesa Verde National Park, CO.
Portlandia has always depended on local art for set design. It is one of the many factors that contributes to the show’s true authenticity. Over the years there has been much interest from people, and it is now with pleasure that the talented artists of Portlandia are introduced via the […]

Portlandia Art Sale!

"Penfolds Grange" - W16, 14x11. Collection of Mrs. Peggy Bacca.
Cheers! ~ A blessing. To wish some one good cheer and happiness. “Cheers“ is the title of many of the artworks in my wine series. I give this title as a blessing, wishing veiwers good cheer and happiness. “Cheers” is an expression, often used as a greeting or toast. It […]


Artwork by Natasha Bacca is available on business checks, personal checks, checkbook covers, and address labels. Multiple images from each series are available. See samples below or go to purchase site here.   ADDRESS LABELS: Abstract Address Labels Bird Address Labels Floral Address Labels Tree Address Labels Wine Address Labels _____________________________________________________________________________________ […]

Get Artwork by Natasha Bacca on Address Labels, Checks, and ...

“Art is all in the details.” ~ Christian Marclay In my series of art details blog posts I share the details that make of pieces of my artwork.  Much of my artwork is large – usually 4-square-feet at smallest.  This means the small details that comprise each piece are not […]

Art Details