Creatively Different Designer Blinds is a company based in the UK producing a range of top-quality, made-to-order designer home-decor products. Their product range includes Roman blinds, panel blinds, vertical and Venetian blinds, murals, wallpapers, and kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, all printed with the image of your choice.   The following Artworks […]

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T39, 24x60 (3 24x20 panels)
After years of building my own websites on various platforms I finally had a professional web designer create a new website for me on WordPress. I am very happy with the results! I still have some content to add, but I love the new design and speed of my website. […]

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Kaiser Permanente is the largest managed healthcare organization in the United States. With the knowledge that art heals, Kaiser Permanente owns an impressive collection of artworks by numerous artists. I am honored to be one of those artists. At present, Kaiser Permanente owns 7 of my artworks, which are located […]

Artwork by Natasha Bacca in the Collection of Kaiser Permanente

Memento Mori Memento Mori reminds us of something startling & important: LIFE IS MEANINGFUL, TEMPORARY & SACRED. This Artwork by Natasha Bacca was funded by a grant from The Celebration Foundation. It has been installed in numerous places including an Amazon building in Seattle. See more here. Growth Through All Seasons […]

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Growth through All Seasons 2010unique chromogenic photogram60″ x 72″ (9 20″ x 24″ panels)Collection of Central Oregon Community College in Bend, OR.Displayed in the Campus Center. Growth through All Seasons was created specifically for the Central Oregon Community College (COCC) Campus Center.  Surrounded by countless trees, COCC is amongst the […]

Growth Through All Seasons

  2016 ~ Year End Review Art highlights + personal highlights + a LOT of gratitude! See and read more here.   Abstract Artworks by Natasha Bacca These artworks have been rented for use on television. See and read more here.   New Artworks by Natasha Bacca   The multi-paneled […]

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