"Cheers" - W39, 10x8. Collection of Fair View Lodge, Mesa Verde National Park, CO.
Portlandia has always depended on local art for set design. It is one of the many factors that contributes to the show’s true authenticity. Over the years there has been much interest from people, and it is now with pleasure that the talented artists of Portlandia are introduced via the […]

Portlandia Art Sale!

  Artwork by Natasha Bacca on Traffic Signals in Coral Springs, Florida These 2 artworks are going on traffic signals in Coral Springs, Florida! Read more about this fun public art project here. Dichotomies Life is full of dichotomies and this is both its beauty and its wonder. When we […]

May Newsletter

"Penfolds Grange" - W16, 14x11. Collection of Mrs. Peggy Bacca.
Cheers! ~ A blessing. To wish some one good cheer and happiness. “Cheers“ is the title of many of the artworks in my wine series. I give this title as a blessing, wishing veiwers good cheer and happiness. “Cheers” is an expression, often used as a greeting or toast. It […]


"Jubelale" - A5, 20 x 24 inches. Collection of Deschutes Brewery. On display in Bend, OR facility. Commissioned by Deschutes Brewery for Jubelale products.
Images in my galactic series (found under my abstract work) explore space. The unknown and unexplored realms of the physical world are imagined as one might experience them. This series falls into the genre of Space Art, also known as Astronomical Art, which is modern artistic expression that strives to show […]

Galactic Series

“Never permit a dichotomy to rule your life, a dichotomy in which you hate what you do so you can have pleasure in your spare time. Look for a situation in which your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time.” – Pablo Picasso     Dichotomy […]


  New Artwork by Natasha Bacca in the Collection of Kaiser Permanente THANK YOU to Kaiser Permanente for purchasing two more Artworks by Natasha Bacca. See more here.   Artwork by Natasha Bacca on Blinds, Backsplashes, Wallpapers and Murals Get Artwork by Natasha Bacca on Blinds, Backsplashes, Wallpapers and Murals! See how […]

April Newsletter

T67, 24x60 (3 24x20 panels).
Kaiser Permanente recently purchased two more of my artworks! Kaiser Permanente is the largest managed healthcare organization in the United States. With the knowledge that art heals, Kaiser Permanente owns an impressive collection of artworks, and I am honored to have my work in their collection. Kaiser Permanente now owns […]

New Artwork by Natasha Bacca in the Collection of Kaiser ...

Creatively Different Designer Blinds is a company based in the UK producing a range of top-quality, made-to-order designer home-decor products. Their product range includes Roman blinds, panel blinds, vertical and Venetian blinds, murals, wallpapers, and kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, all printed with the image of your choice.   The following Artworks […]

Get Artwork by Natasha Bacca on Blinds, Backsplashes, Wallpapers and ...

T39, 24x60 (3 24x20 panels)
After years of building my own websites on various platforms I finally had a professional web designer create a new website for me on WordPress. I am very happy with the results! I still have some content to add, but I love the new design and speed of my website. […]

New Website

The Healing Effects of Nature-Based Art As an artist, I am passionate about bringing the healing and inspiration of nature into our daily spaces. I have written numerous blog posted about the healing effects of nature-based art, and in this blog post I share some new insights including VIEWING ART MAKES […]

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