April Newsletter


T67, 24x60 (3 24x20 panels).

New Artwork by Natasha Bacca in the Collection of Kaiser Permanente

THANK YOU to Kaiser Permanente for purchasing two more Artworks by Natasha Bacca.

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Artwork by Natasha Bacca on Blinds, Backsplashes, Wallpapers and Murals

Get Artwork by Natasha Bacca on Blinds, Backsplashes, Wallpapers and Murals!

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T39, 24x60 (3 24x20 panels)

New Website

I have a new website! Please take a look and give any feedback or suggestions.
Thank you!


To acquire artwork by Natasha Bacca
contact me at 541-788-7212 or Natasha@NatashaBacca.com.

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Much love to you all!