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Wine Enthusiast Magazine Feature Wine Enthusiast magazine featured Artwork by Natasha Bacca’s wine series calling it “wall-worthy for any oenophile.” See more here.         Artwork by Natasha Bacca in the Collection of Bend Internet Solutions Bend Internet Solutions recently acquired Artwork by Natasha Bacca for its office located in […]

August Newsletter

The Billboard Art Project is a nonprofit organization that acquires digital billboards normally used for advertising and repurposes them as roadside galleries. Projects have been held in cities all over the United States and are open to all individuals and groups who are interested in participating. Types of work that may […]

The Billboard Art Project

"Story Winery" - W22, 14x11. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Amy Petersen.
In April 2014, Wine Enthusiast Magazine featured my wine series calling it “wall-worthy for any oenophile.” Very honored and excited, I looked for a copy of the magazine everywhere, but it was sold out. Later in August 2014, my husband found a copy of the magazine while we were wine […]

Wine Enthusiast Magazine Feature