Creator Container Project

Artwork by Natasha Bacca was selected to participate in the Creator Container Project, and earlier this month is was installed in Beaverton, Oregon.

About the Creator Container Project:

More than 40 city-owned trash receptacles have received a makeover. The Creator Container Project, a part of the Beaverton Arts Program’s Art in Public Spaces initiative, aims to add an artistic element to the city’s existing infrastructure while supporting both established and emerging artists.

Pacific Northwest artists designs were selected for a total of 44 trash receptacles. The selected artwork was transferred to a vinyl wrap for easy application by The Clean Slate Group, a city beautification firm. The vinyl wraps are durable and weather-resistant, and brilliantly showcase each container’s unique design. The city is excited to install work that conveys Beaverton’s identity as well as the community value of celebrating the creative spirit by incorporating art in unexpected locations.

Ordinary Trash Receptacle + Amazing Artwork Wrap = Creator Container!

Installed at the corner of SW Farmington & Angel streets, Beaverton, Oregon.

Installed at SW Farmington & Stott streets, Beaverton, Oregon.

Installed at SW Farmington & Washington streets, Beaverton, Oregon.

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