Kaiser Permanente Collection ~ Pleasanton, CA

Artwork by Natasha Bacca
unique chromogenic photogram
20″ x 24″
Collection of Kaiser Permanente
Pleasanton, CA

Kaiser Permanente is the largest managed healthcare organization in the United States. With the knowledge that art heals, Kaiser Permanente owns an impressive collection of artworks by numerous artists. I am honored to be one of these artists. At present, Kaiser Permanente owns 7 of my artworks, which are located at 5 different facilities in California. You can see them all on my healthcare installations page.  In October 2014 Kaiser Permanente purchased the above artwork.

As an artist I use nature-inspired artworks to bring beauty into this world, to heal myself and to inspire others to heal themselves. I choose nature because all elements of nature are unique. With no two trees, flowers or other natural elements being exactly alike I bring to light the intricate textures and details of my subjects. I deepen the notion of exceptional nature as a mirror of exceptional human nature, using nature as a catalyst to explore concepts of life and health. I commonly use multiple-panels as views alluding to the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. I use trees and flowers as peaceful symbols of life. Trees and flowers illustrate the passage of time and growth, taking on the appearance of decay in the winter and sprouting anew with the return of spring. In this way my artwork is an inspirational symbol of resurrection and healing. Nature exhibits a transitory beauty, an ephemeral symbol of the cycle of life, reminding viewers that life is meaningful and sacred.

Read more about how nature-based art can provide healing on my blog here.

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