2016 ~ Year End Review


This is my third “year end review” blog post. I love reflecting on the past year as a tool for consciously moving forward in the coming year. I also enjoy ending my year sharing more personal aspects of my life on this blog that is otherwise dedicated to my artwork.

My art business continued with weekly blog posts, monthly newsletters, new works of art, new collectors, and more. My favorites included:


*My favorite new piece of artwork:

My 1-year-old son’s first contribution to my art creations. This piece is remaining in my own collection. See and read about it here.


*My favorite new collector:

I am honored to have a collector that shares my passion for health, realizes the value of artwork in aiding health, and is ranked among the nation’s top hospitals. See and read about my artwork in the collection of University of California Davis Medical Center here.


*My favorite press coverage:

Artwork by Natasha Bacca featured in Cascade Arts & Entertainment Magazine as it focused on my infusing my artworks with the concept of a healing essence. See and read the feature here


*My favorite random thing:

My artwork traveling to an asteroid with NASA. See and read more here.


*My favorite favorite-thing:

When the #1 show on television displayed my artwork across millions of screens. See and read about artwork by Natasha Bacca on The Big Bang Theory here.

My family and I began this year in Japan, where we were fortunate enough to spend an entire month. We traveled at least one week of every month January-October, spending time in Japan, southern Oregon, 3 months in Portland, Oregon, and 2 months in various parts of California. We also enjoyed numerous camping trips in Oregon, including camping at Oregon Country Fair and Beloved Festival. We are fortunate to be able to travel together as a family, as well as live in beautiful Bend, Oregon where we are enjoying the last 2 months of 2016. My husband and I also enjoyed celebrating our 15-year-anniversary and our son’s 1st birthday.

This journey is so incredible in so many ways, and looking back to see how far we’ve come is incredible; humbling; insightful; inspiring. We’ve certainly had many wonderful EXPERIENCES! With each “year end review” I am surprised and delighted at all the wonderful things I did and experienced throughout the year! This journey is a blessing! One I am very grateful for, and I am especially grateful for those I am fortunate enough to share this journey with! As a creator, I’ve said numerous times, my greatest creation is my life journey.

The best places to share my journey are Instagram (personal here and art-related here), Facebook (personal here and art-related here), Twitter, my blog, and my monthly newsletters.

THANK YOU for all your support!

If you have questions or comments I would love to hear them.

Much love to you all!

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