November Newsletter

Artwork by Natasha Bacca is Traveling to an Asteroid with NASA

Space exploration is an inherently creative activity. We are inviting the world to join us on this great adventure by placing their art work on the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, where it will stay in space for millennia.

See details here.

New Leaf Artworks

 My 1-year-old son found a HUGE leaf, and I made 4 artworks of it.

See them all + details here


Art Details

 I use nature to explore concepts of life and health. I use multiple-panels to illustrate the mysterious reality of the interconnectedness of all life on our planet.

See more details from my multi-paneled artworks here.

To acquire artwork by Natasha Bacca
contact me at 541-788-7212 or

THANK YOU for all your support!

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Much love to you all!

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