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Photograms   “The shadows that things make. The things that shadows make.”Photograms are the shadows created by the dance of light and objects. See more here. Color Psychology & Art From the natural world to human made creations, our lives are painted in a kaleidoscope of colors, each with the […]

August Newsletter

“The shadows that things make.The things that shadows make.”~ Les Rudnick Photograms are a type of photography. While not well-known, they are the oldest form of photography, and they are very distinct in mechanism. I love photograms, the creative process of making a photogram and how it is different from […]


Last September University of California Davis Medical Center purchased an original Artwork by Natasha Bacca, and last month they purchased three more original artworks by Natasha Bacca for their new medical clinic in Sacramento, CA.  University of California Davis Medical Center is a nationally recognized academic health center in Sacramento, […]

Artwork by Natasha Bacca in the Collection of Univeristy of ...

“Art is all in the details.” ~ Christian Marclay In my series of art details blog posts I share the details that make of pieces of my artwork.  Much of my artwork is large – usually 4-square-feet at smallest.  This means the small details that comprise each piece are not […]

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