“Inspired by Nature: Pando View” ~ Commission for University of Utah School of Dentistry

I was commissioned by Utah Public Art Program to create artwork for University of Utah School of Dentistry.  I have created 4 pieces comprised of 13 panels.  I will be showing one piece every 2 weeks here on my blog.  The first piece I am showing is titled “Inspired by Nature: Pando View.”  It is comprised of 3 40-inch-high by 60-inch-wide panels, totaling 40-inches in height and 180-inches in length.  This small view of this large piece does not show the detail of the image well.  The detail views are also smaller-than-life-size.  I will share more information about the concepts and inspiration behind the pieces after I install them in late-October.


details in panel 1                        details in panel 2                        details in panel 3


Thank you for viewing!  

If you have questions or comments I would love to hear them.

Much love to you all!


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